Kid´s Olympics

Every Tuesday 16.00 at the practice slope in the town center

The kid´s Olympics are for all children who participate in the ski lessons at Michi's Schischule. Of course all children can bring their parents, family and friends.



  • Modelling balloons into swords, dogs, flowers ...
  • Different stations where all children can show off their skills with amongst other things: can throwing, scoring goals and a lot more. 
  • Dancing with Billy
  • Rigletpark - Snowboard try-out for children from 3 to 6 years old

Michis Minidisco

Billy Song

Michi´s Minidisco 2

Billy Dance

Rigletpark - Snowboard try-out

Every Tuesday, during the kid´s Olympics, your 3 to 6 year old can take part in our "Rigletpark" from 15:30 till 17:00 at the practice slope in the village center.

Children can try out snowboarding for free with our instructors from the Hotzone School of Snowboarding.


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